What is BAWV?

BAWV – Brilliance Assured for Wedding Venues was born of a desire to ensure everyone always has an amazing wedding experience. Not just on the day, but the whole caboodle. 

To do this, BAWV created WedSense – a place for wedding venue professionals to upscale their skills, learn new ones, network with like-minded colleagues and generally be brilliant. 

WedSense is an innovative concept allowing monthly access to training and development that will include keeping up with wedding trends, interviews with key industry professionals, Q&A with brides (and their mothers!) to find out what they really thought during their initial wedding meetings, best practice case studies and how not to do it!  On top of all this, each month there’s a personal development focus, such as overcoming procrastination (we all do it!) and effective time management.  All of this for the price of around 2 posh coffees a week!  Come for a month, stay as long as you like. Each month  more stuff is added so the longer you’re in the more you get out.* 

There’s also a support network in the form of a private Facebook group – a place for you to chat to your peers, moan about your couples (or your boss) and get loads more free training and challenges.  What are you waiting for!

BAWV also impart their wealth of wedding knowledge by offering wedding training to hotel groups, venue consortia, destinations and collaborations. There’s a collection of pre-designed training which includes increasing revenue and getting better conversion, or why not let them provide you with a completely bespoke creation to cover the topics you feel your team needs?

* there are no refunds of remaining month or annual passes.
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Who is Lynda?

Lynda Clayton-Hill has spent around 25 years in the service industry including hotels, wedding and event venues and retail (there was a little break to be a nanny but that’s another story!).

She is passionate about weddings. Good weddings, that is. Planning her own wedding was a dream, because her venue treated it like the only wedding they would ever do.  Nothing was too much trouble, they said yes A LOT, and it honestly felt like her day was tremendously important to them (and not just another cookie cutter wedding). In contrast, a friend got married ten months later and had an awful experience.  Thankfully Lynda was there to put her years of experience and skills to good use to help avert disaster and it got her thinking; her research lead to a discovery that there is no ongoing support for wedding coordinators and key staff in venues.  Lots for the venue. Not much for the individual. 

So she created it.

With a strong background in B2B events and exhibitions Lynda has built up some great relationships with industry leaders and professionals, and brings fun and flair to BAWV.  Believing that everyone deserves to learn, connect and grow constantly and consistently she is determined to lead the way for wedding venue professionals, to give them the skills and support they deserve. Oh and help them make every wedding awesome.

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Not a member of WedSense?
You can still join the BAWV Society group on Facebook and benefit from the networking it provides