WedSense Area Terms and Conditions

By completing the form to join and make monthly or annual payments you are subject to the below terms and conditions.

Access to the area is for those paying the monthly fee only.  You will not receive login details until payment is processed. You can access the area as many times as you like, there are no restrictions, 24 hours a day, every day.

Access includes access to the private Facebook group that is for members only. Once payment is stopped, access to both the WedSense area and the facebook group will also cease.  The private Facebook group will contain live video, challenges and other info. Participation in challenges is not mandatory however they are designed to help you learn, connect and grow.

You will need the email address that you sign up with to access the private Facebook group. Follow the link in the WedSense area and answer the questions in the group to gain access.

Payment is made monthly via credit card.  We will continue to take monthly payments until you cancel via the portal. If card details are not up to date for continuing payment you will receive notice in order to maintain access.  You must contact BAWV as soon as you realise payment cannot be made to request continued access. Broken access may result in paying a higher monthly fee.

If you wish your venue to pay for you, invoice payments can be arranged for annual access only and must be paid in full BEFORE login access will be granted.  Access will cease after 12 months unless you contact BAWV to request a new annual invoice; again access is only granted by full payment being received.  Please see ‘Who is the Member’.

Payment remains the same for the length of membership. If you cancel your membership and wish to rejoin at a later date you will no longer pay the initial amount, but rather whatever the going rate is at that point. As more content and value is added to WedSense, the cost will increase.

There are discounts if you pay annually; contact BAWV for details.

The content remains the property of BAWV Ltd.  You are allowed to download the workbooks and PDF documents.  Access to videos is via Vimeo and content is restricted to your login membership.  You are not allowed to copy or share the videos, workbooks and PDFs with anyone else.

New content is added each month throughout the month.

Who is the member?
The individual completing the joining form is the member. If a venue chooses to pay on behalf of an individual the membership belongs to the individual. It is the the responsibility of the venue to set any terms to their payment decision, and to make clear what will happen in the case of notice given or other termination of employment.  Please also see Refunds.

All disputes regarding content and value should be placed in writing via email with a ‘read receipt’ requested to, or by post to BAWV, 32 Easson Street, Middlesbrough, TS4 2RH.  We will endeavour to respond to all disputes within ten working days of receipt.

Once WedSense is accessed and items are downloaded or watched refunds will not be considered.  Should you wish to request a refund before you access the area this must be done in writing as above. Investigations will take place to ensure no areas have been accessed or items downloaded and once BAWV is satisfied a refund will be offered.

If a venue chooses to pay annually on behalf of an individual and that person leaves the employ of the venue, it is the responsibility of the venue to a) enact any terms placed on the payment and b) change any access codes if that was the agreement.  BAWV will not enter into any discussions with venues regarding the payment of refunds on behalf of an individual.

Fair Treatment 
We insist that all members treat each other and the BAWV team with integrity and kindness, and promise that all members will receive the same from the BAWV team.  If we witness or are alerted to unfair treatment of other members or the BAWV team we will immediately rescind membership and that member forfeits the right to a refund. Be nice to each other.

BAWV does not guarantee increased revenue or guest satisfaction by its offering alone.  It’s implied and understood that individuals alone are responsible for putting any tips into action, that BAWV is not responsible for members using and actioning the workbooks and that any response to said action – positive or negative – is the sole responsibility of the member.